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Tell Me About Yourself: A Guide to a Great Bio

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Having trouble with the "About Me" page on your site? You're not alone.

When you think about designing a web page, you may think that the technical aspects will be the most difficult. I find many of my clients get stuck on the bio section. In this post, I'll give you my advice to banish writers' block, so you can let the world know what you're about!

Let's get this out of the way: Writing about yourself is hard. REAL hard.

Writing is not easy, but especially when you're writing about yourself. You want to make sure it reflects everything site visitors need to know about you and your business. In one to two paragraphs. In a professional tone. Be clear and concise. Also witty. Don't forget relatable. And any number of things you think you need to be. You start to question if you can tick all the boxes. It's hard seeing your life condensed into just a few sentences. This is the point where the dreaded Impostor Syndrome can sneak in. (Never heard of this? Click here for the Time Magazine article.)

Don't let it! You have talents and skills and you're allowed to be proud of yourself. So grab a notebook, 'cause you're ready to get started.

“Repeat after me: You can't mess up a first draft.”

Prompts to get you going

Starting simple is good. The suggestions below will get you heading the right direction. Don't worry about spelling or grammar or tone... This is an idea generator.

  • Begin by writing your first and last name.

  • Describe your current position and what you do.

  • Note a professional accomplishment.

  • Share your values and how they influence your work.

  • Who are you are outside of work (hobbies, interests, family life, etc.)

  • Bonus question: Add a funny story or random fact.

After you’ve written some content, it’s time for my number one tip to clients: Let it sit.

Actual footage of me trying not to mess with my first draft.

Don’t re-read it. Don’t edit it. Share it with a friend that gives good feedback. It's hard, I know! But the last one makes for especially good results.

My favorite proof-reader is my sister-in-law. She’s a stickler for spelling and she’s not afraid to suggest an idea. She knows I’m asking for honesty, and I always thank her for a helpful critique.

After a few days, come back to your bio. How does it look now? It’s time to add info, subtract redundancies, and review again. Pretty soon, you will have an About Me section you're proud of.

But what if it's not perfect?

If you post you bio, but you change your mind about your message, don't worry. Just write a new one! A website is not a static piece of information. The best ones change and evolve over time. The most important part is getting the information out there: your site, your bio, yourself. When you finish, send me a link! I'd love to see your work and get to know you.

Have a specific question about writing bios? Contact me here! Be sure to friend me on Instagram and Facebook for news and updates. Let's stay in touch.

See you on the Net!


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