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Free Printable Bookmark Activity

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Just in case your kids/coworkers need something to do.

Bonus: This DIY craft is screen-free and good for any age. Just print and color!

I work in front of a computer all day. And now, so do my kids.

I'm sure you've heard the news: School is out for the rest of the year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. My children are deep into IXL, Google Classroom, instructional YouTube videos, online typing courses, Dot & Dash programming activities... This list goes on.

Thanks to their teachers, my Facebook feed is chock full of fun ideas. More than we could ever do, even if we home schooled for years! We have been as busy during the stay-at -home order as we ever were before.

I'm not going to lie though: We miss travelling. Like REALLY miss it. I am thankful for the access we have to online libraries and videos. We can still learning about lots of fantastic places. We've taken virtual tours of museums, farms, even the moon!

However, many of these include screen time. That's on top of what they're already getting for school. With social distancing came the cutting of extracurricular activities. I'm extra aware of the time spent of devices right now.

That's why I created these printable bookmarks to color. They are free for you to download! Your kids spend time making them, then use them when they pick up an actual book. Maybe you could take a break and color one too. You deserve it. I did and I had a good time.

"According to researchers, coloring can help to improve mood, reduce stress and boost creativity."

A viking ship bookmark colored with crayons

How we made our bookmarks

We printed bookmarks on cardstock, but regular paper would also be fine. Then color with crayons, markers, glitter glue... Just use what you have! Some other things we had around the house were a hole punch and some yarn. We made different tassels and it was fun to try a few combinations.

Download bookmarks here and get to coloring!

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